Silhouettes of Aeroplanes

This page reproduces an aircraft recognition guide published early in 1917. The only clue to its origin is a the following line on the last page: (B 8739) Wt. w. 12347-9306 35M 1/17 H & S.

Thanks go to Ken Wilson and Roy Nagl who sent the following information about the book:

The H & S in the last line of the guide may refer to Harrison & Sons Ltd, of London, England. They were a primary British military printer during World War II and they may have also been one during World War I. They are also known for printing banknotes and stamps. The company was acquired by De La Rue printers, of the United Kingdom, in 1997.

The British Library has a record at shelfmark Cup.410.f.245 of Silhouettes of aeroplanes (note lower case a): a 21pp (??) book printed by Harrison & Sons, 1915 described as 'an official publication'. A second reference at shelfmark W33/9518 DSC is less informative but gives the title as Silhouettes of Aeroplanes.

I am grateful to M. Smallman for the addition of the Sopwith Triplane page. He sent the following information:
I have a copy of this item. Mine is exactly the same as the scanned copy on your website (and carries the same printer's code on page 32); but, in addition, I have an unnumbered page tipped in, captioned "SOPWITH. Single-Seater Tractor Triplane". The booklet is foliated rather than paginated, with only one numbered leaf per spread; and it is stapled. 21x16 cm precisely.

If you have information on the document or any other comments please send me a message.

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